Along with the application, please fill in the following items from sections I and II
І. Information about theater and performance

Country –
The full name of the theater (company) –
Mailing address –
Telephone –
E-mail –
Web site –
Theater (company) manager –
Brief information about the theater (company) –
The contact person (Full name, phone number, e-mail) –
The name of the performance –
The genre of the performance –
The author (s) of the play, or the author (s) of the music and libretto –
Production group (director, production designer, costume designer, choreographer, composer, etc.) –
Characters and performers –
The duration of the performance and the presence of an intermission –
The language of the performance is –
Brief presentation of the performance –
Total number of delegation (men / women) –
3-5 photographs and a layout of the playbill in electronic form –
Link to the video of the performance on the Internet –
Desired date for showing your performance –

II. Technical rider

Stage clothes –
Scene parameters: depth –   height –    width –
Lighting requirements (number of spotlights, portable lights, etc.) –
Sound requirements (mixing console, acoustic systems, acoustic and dynamic processing devices, microphones, etc.) –
Other technical details (plan of wings, pads etc) –
The time it takes to unload the scenery, mount and adjust the light –
Time required for dismantling –
Time required for rehearsal
Additional terms
Attention! Each theater-participant gets access to the stage for mount and rehearsal only on the day of the show!

Theaters included by the expert council in the competition program, please fill out and send sections III and IV
Theater name –
The name of the performance –
The total number of people in the delegation –
Of them – men –
Of them – women –
Number of actors –
Number of technical staff –
Length of stay
Airplane (date and time of arrival and departure, flight, airport / city)
State number of road transport (date and time of arrival and departure) –
Train number (date and time of arrival and departure) –
By what means of transport and when is the set arrival planned

Required number of single rooms:
Required number of 2-bed rooms:
Required number of 3-bed rooms:
Other Requirements