It was what it was, or Gorgeous wedding
Hotel of two worlds

play by A. Gorin

Crazy family, or baby

Funny show with songs, dance and shots.

The music of Y. Shevchenko, play by A. Gorin, E. Yavorsky, based on the play by J. de Letraz.
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes with an intermission.
“Bichon” – the most popular play of the famous French playwright, scriptwriter and director Jean de Létraz. It formed the basis of the musical performance “The Kid” by the Ukrainian authors of A. Gorin and E. Yavorsky. Music was written by contemporary Ukrainian composer Y. Shevchenko.
It was written in 1935. The performance “Bichon” was successful and staged in Palais-Royale Theater. It was filmed in 1947. It was translated and staged for international scenes. It is still interesting for directors and audience. Love story, which overcomes all difficulties and financial problems, with carefree spirit and good humor. It tells us about problems in the relationship between parents and children. The main thing- invite us into atmosphere of the holiday, in the element of theatrical game, fantasy and improvisation.

Directed by The Honored artist of Ukraine- Vitaly Denysenko
Art-designer – Natalia Tarasenko (Lviv)
Music Director – Iryna Shulga
Concertmaster – Natalia Moroz
Choreographer – Natalia Klishina
The play is assisted by Alla Belous and Marina Shevchenko

EDMON – Dmitry Alexeenko
ANRIETTE- Valentina Galenko
ANRIETTE – Svetlana Komarova
CHRISTINE- Victoria Tytiurenko
JACQUES- Ruslan Kuksenko
PAULINE- Julia Zhilina
PAULINE- Irina Chvarkova
AUGUSTINE- Evgeny Bosenko
AUGUSTINE- Dmitry Sorokolat
GAMBIER- Oleg Ermolenko
GAMBIER- Alexander Nagorny
LULU- Tatiana Belyanskaya