Ray Cooney

Dad in the net”

Comedy for 2 acts

Ray Cooney

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes an intermission

The Premiere was occurred on 18 March 2011
A true lovers of humor will enjoy of this performance. It doesn’t pretend to be philosophical.
The English name of the play is “CAUGHT IN THE THE NET”. Verbal translation- caught in the network. The basis of the plot of this comedy is the great and powerful Internet. The main character of this comedy is taxi driver John. A Heroes of the “Dad in the net” always fall into a funny stories. And trying to break the deadlock.
Directed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergey CHULKOV
Art-designer- Tatiana CHUKHRI
Costume designer- Angelina MOROZOVA
Choreographer – Natalia KLISHINA
Assistant director- Tatyana PETRENKO

The play is assisted by Alla BELOUS

“In Cooney’s play, John Smith is an energetic forty-year-old man of rather ordinary appearance. Perhaps, the performer of this role not doesn’t very similar to his hero, but he is very vigorous. The actor has to be in motion: then run from one door to another, then wrap himself in a carpet, then wear the underwater mask … This is very funny! But the main character of the play is not John Smith, but his friend Stanley. His hero is cunning, and cowardly, and the master of all kinds of artifices. And in each of his reincarnations, the actor is so natural! ”
A.Bugaev, “Comedy with an unexpected ending” // Weekly “Sobytiye”, No. 12, 30.03.2011

“The performance is really funny, Its nice to absolute absence of vulgarity. Basically, a topic has a lot of piquant scenes and situations. The play turned out to be light and unobtrusive cheerful, according to the traditions of intelligent English humor. ”
V. Bulanov, “If I were an English taxi driver …” // Weekly “Vedomosty”, 06.04.2011

JOHN- Dmitry Alexeenko
VICKI- Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertii
VICKI- Tatyana Petrenko
GAVIN- Bogdan Didenko
MARY- Julia Zhilina
MARY- Svetlana Komarova
BARBARA- Valentina Galenko
BARBARA- Marina Yurchenko
STANLEY- Oleg Voloshchenko
STANLEY- Dmitry Sorokolat
DAD- Anatoly Vertii
DAD- Alexander Tarkhanov