Chasing two haers
Where do babies come from

V. Vynnychenko


Tragicomedy for 2 acts

V. Vynnychenko
Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes an intermission
The Premiere was occurred on 2 April 2010
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At the heart of the play is the classic of the Ukrainian theater of the modern era – the story of a married couple. Inna and Afanasy adore each other. But Inna spends evenings in restaurants and cabaret, Afanasy finds his happiness in caring for other people’s children. Inna decided on a desperate act to save the family. Being barren, she offers Afanasy to conceive a baby with strange women, and then take the kid to the upbringing. A “surrogate” mother named Lyuda was found…

Directed by The Honored artist of Ukraine- Vitaly DENYSENKO
Art-designer – Irina KOKHAN
Choreographer – Tatiana ASTAFIEVA
The play is assisted by Alla Belous and Marina Shevchenko
The performance was awarded by diplomas of the Higher Theater Award of the Dnepropetrovsk region “Sicheslavna-2010” in the following nominations:
“The Best Directing”- Vitaly DENYSENKO
” The Best Man’s Role”- Anatoly Vertii
” The Best Plastic in show”- Tatiana Astafieva
” The Best Supporting Actress” – Anna Bakhmut

” It should be noted that expactations are justified. The performance has a great success in Dneprodzerzhinsk. And I felt at the premiere of the “Law” that I have not experienced in the theater for a long time –a real catharsis”.
Vitaly Denisenko reports: I saw that the emotions iin this play like in shakesperean works. Vynnychenko tries to solve the problem between human aspirationsfor simple, understandable things (for example, for motherhood) and the law of higher moral law. It is the highest, given to us by God. To step over these laws means go against your nature. A human seeks for a good goal, and gets some passion attachment to result. And when the goal is achieved, the result was contrary to his expectations. It means, that man is obsessed by an idea – is the enemy of this idea. Soon, next to all these serious thinking, appeared irony. This is an irony, from which modern man can t escape – we have seen so many things, read, know, remember. And this is an ironic attitude to the heroes of the play. It told the way to solving the problem
I. Korsun “By tragicomedian laws”, magazine “Theater +” №1, 2011

” It was unextectedly. To illustrate a point of the play through the eastern culture- obedience implementation of laws. Vitaly Denysenko had stressed that Vladimir Vynnychenko became a master of intellectual drama.. The symbols of Western culture were understandable in the performance…
On the stage, as in life, there is a law – to revive and preserve moral values. The heroes of the play forgot that “surrogate” mother a persom, not a bargaining chip. and were punished for it by destiny….
N. Andryushchenko, “About a” small sacrifice “and fatal consequences”, magazine , “Day”, 16 April 2010

“The ironic atmosphere, sometimes bordering on farce, original directing techniques and solutions have helped to create it… Irony is a mask. Often people put on a masks to protect against kicking reality. But the mask is not a face, and you can ‘t hide behind it forever. So, according to the director’s plan, it happens in the play. In a several scenes the irony disappears, giving a way for a real drama. Actors pick up easily these genre changes. ”
Zh.Kuzmicheva, “Without a discount on the province.” Reflections about theatrical premiere, ” the weekly “2000”, April 23-28, 2010

INNA VASYLIVNA- Marina Yurchenko
MARIA ANDRYIVNA- Valentina Galenko