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Natalka Poltavka

M. Kamoletti

Lovers, or Oh that Anna!

Comedy for 2 acts

M. Kamoletti
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes an intermission
The Premiere was occurred on 3 December 2016
The name of Mark Camoletti is put at the same level of the outstanding French comediographs. He is a real master of comedy positions, with a subtle sense of humor and cheerful disposition. Not coincidentally, Sergei Chulkov puts on the third play of Kamoletti, without hesitation that this performance will be successful as the two previous ones – the performances “Love-Love, or How We Came!” And “Playing in Love”. The playwright does not change himself in “Lovers”- virtuously wrote a nature of characters. He had completed everything by the unexpected finale. Anna is a young servant in a wealthy family house. She has in a very delicate situation, when both spouses at the same time decided to commit treason within their own home. The hosts thought Anna stupid and rustic. But she has shown a savvy and dexterity.

Directed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergey CHULKOV
Costume designer- Natalia Kosenko
Musical design- Oles Sukhoi
Choreographer- Natalia Klishina
The play is assisted by Alla Belous and Marina Shevchenko

ANNA- Svetlana Komarova
BERNARD- Ruslan Kuksenko
JACQUELINE- Tatiana Petrenko
JACQUELINE – Veronica Polevaya
ROBERT- Maxim Monastirsky
BRIDGETTE- Olga Onyskevich