Houch with pepper “Ukrainiandream’S”

Hryhory Kvitka- Osnovyanenko

Matchmaking in Goncharivka

Musical comedy for 2 acts

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes an intermission
The Premiere was occurred on 10 May 2008
It is simple, but sincere story about Uliana, who wasn’t married by the rich village guy- Stetsko. but handsome, but poor Alexei with the help of uncle-moskal defended his right to be happiness.
Directed by The Honored Artist of Ukraine Lydia KUSHKOVA
Artistic design- Tatiana CHUKHRI
Music Director and Conductor- Viktor KORITKO
Choreographer – Natalia KLISHINA

The play is decided in the classic way. Good, fun, musically. And traditional. So represented the Ukrainian writers in the 19th and 20th century, so will represent in the 21th century. Probably, all of us – spectators, directors, actors – have too strong perception of stereotypes of the Ukrainian classics: bloomers and other. On the other hand, these are really significant objects of Ukrainian life. Ostap, Nastya, and Galya were living at that time. The Honored Artist of Ukraine Lydia Kushkova ” saw” and staged this play in Dneprodzerzhinsk.
Zhanna Kuzmicheva, “About language, theater and the desire to be a cultural people!” // Weekly “2000”, 09.03.2010

“Lydia Kushkova is analyst of life and creativity, in general. She finds socio-economic and moral problems, in comedy plays too. The director has arranged semantic accents so, that Ulyana and Alexey are represented by Ukrainian Romeo and Juliet. Young and charming actors conquer the audience with the sincerity , the power of love, attempts to fight for their happiness. In episodes where they are going to be separated, the intensity of love sincerity reaches of the tragic heights. in most of the episodes The audience laughs at the adventures of Stetsko and the inebriated stories of Prokop, ”
Andrei Tulyantsev, ” Woo and do not yawn” / / Newspaper “Dnepr Vecherniy”, May 15, 2008

PROKOP- Anatoly Vertii
ODARKA- Valentina Galenko
ODARKA- Lilia Marchenko
ULYANA-Tatyana Petrenko
ALEXEY- Dmitry Sorokolat
STETSKO- Alexander Tarkhanov
SCORICK- Alexander Nagorny
TYMISH- Dmitry Nazarenko
PROKOP- Dmitry Alexeenko
KANZYUBA- Oleg Ermolenko
Girl’s choir: Svetlana Komarova, Irina Chvarkova, Tatyana Belyanskaya, Julia Zhilina, Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertii, Tatyana Petrenko, Veronika Polevaya, Viktoriya Tytiurenko
Ballet artists: Ilona Malysheva, Olga Terekhova, Anna Furmanets, Anastasia Furmanets, Ilona Eroshenko