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Natalka Poltavka

Musical melodrama for 2 acts

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes an intermission
The Premiere was occurred on 27 April 2017
The play ” Natalka Poltavka” by Ivan Kotlyarevsky was named the progenitor of the Ukrainian theater, always young, charming and simple. This is really an amazing piece, winning space and time. What is the secret of the scenic success of ” Natalka Poltavka”?
Directed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergey Chulkov
Conductor, music director – Evgeny Kurov
Art-designer- Irina Kokhan
Choirmaster- Iryna Shulga
Choreographer – Natalia Klishina
Concertmaster- Natalia Moroz
Assistant director- Irina Chvarkova
The play is assisted by Alla Belous and Marina Shevchenko

” Almost all troupe was involved on the stage of the Theater. One of the leading roles in the production was played by the choir, he saturated the plot with a national spirit. The choir played Ukrainian songs”.
Olga Samoylova, “Classics, familiar since childhood” // “Nash Reporter” newspaper, 05/03/2017

” Viewers express their gratitude for the proximity to the text to the director and actors. Some arias are reduced or absent. However, you can hear very unusual songs for this performance. Thus, the good- old fashioned play literally sounds in a new way.Scenography surprises with simplicity. The predominance of bright colors, heavenly, full of life blue sky with white clouds. ”
Veronica Gotseridze, “When the old is distributed in a new way” // newspaper “Zarya”, May 17, 2017

” The acting, dancing, singing are impressive! “- the viewers asserts. “Energetic presentation is enchanting – says Olga. – Thinking is fresh. Thanks to the theater for such a gift. ”
“The dances are amazing,”- Elena shares her impressions.- I waited for the appearance of the ballet”.

“It’s nice to enjoy the Ukrainian language. It ‘s beautiful, – Boris says.- Anyway, that text of “Natalka” is archaic. However, Theater revives a classical work”.
“Elegant performance! Today I have enjoyed a harmonious combination of refined beauty and high idea, – Svetlana says.”
“The Ukrainian must live, it must sound in our hearts,- Oleg says. – Thanks to the theater it happens. Every time I come here – and fall in love with the Ukrainian soul – fragile and strong…”
Alyona Karapysh, “The great premiere of” Natalka Poltavka ” at The Lesya Ukrainka academical musical-drama Theater (Kamyanske city)/// The site of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

VOZNIY- Dmitry Alexeenko
VOZNIY- Dmitry Sorokolat
GORPINA- Valentina Galenko
GORPINA- Irina Chvarkova
NATALKA–Svetlana Komarova
PETRO- Evgeny Bosenko
PETRO- Ruslan Kuksenko
MYKOLA- Bogdan Didenko
MYKOLA- Maxim Monastirsky
MAKOHONENKO- Anatoly Vertii
MAKOHONENKO- Alexander Nagorny