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Jean-Baptiste Moliere


Comedy for 2 acts

Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes an intermission

The Premiere was occurred on 6 April 2013
Jean-Baptiste Moliere entered into history like an ancestor of French stage realism. The vitality, brightnesse, and artistry of his images had a huge impact on the development of world drama and theater. He became the true creator of the genre of the classic comedy.
On the scene of the Comedie Francaise, more than 30,000 performances were staged by Moliere’s plays. The French Academy, which had neglected the “comedian” in life, in 1769 was announced a competition for “Praise to Moliere” and installed his bust. The Academic Theater of France “Comédie Française” still calls itself the “House of Moliere”.
The action of the play “Tartuffe” takes place in the house of Orgon, a wealthy Parisian bourgeois. Tartuffe pretends to be pious and to speak with divine authority, and Orgon and his mother no longer take any action without first consulting him. Tartuffe’s antics do not fool the rest of the family or their friends; they detest him.

Directed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergey CHULKOV
Art- designer- -Irina KOKHAN
Choreographer – Natalia KLISHINA
The performance is awarded by diplomas of the Festival-competition theaters of the Dnieper region “Sicheslavna -2013” in the nominations:
“The Best Drama Performance”-
“The Best Man’s Role”- Oleg Voloshchenko
“The Best Supporting Actor “- Artem Lebedev
The performance is awarded by diplomas of IX International Theater Festival ” Classic Today” in the nominations:
“The Best Man’s Role”- Oleg Voloshchenko
“The Best Supporting Actor “- Artem Lebedev
“The Best Supporting Actress”- Marina Yurchenko
” The Best Supporting Actress”- Svetlana Komarova

“The hero of the current “Sicheslavna” was The Lesya Ukrainka academical musical-drama Theater. “Tartuffe” by Moliere (directed by Sergei Chulkov) is an incredibly funny classic comedy, ”
Valentina Zabolotnaya, “Brand ” Sicheslavna “// The newspaper” Den “, 06/12/2013
“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, -Tartuffe is immortal at all times. Tartuffe captured from the 21st to the 17th century the “pick-up” techniques of seduction of women, the workmanship of male striptease, and behavior of “glamorous scum” of modern fashionable parties. ”
Yuri Yushchenko, “A gentle May, a wonderAful Dnieper …” // Magazine “Other Shores”, No. 4, 2013

ORGON- Anatoly Vertii
ELMIRE- Veronika Polevaya
ELMIRE- Marina Yurchenko
DAMIS- Dmitry Sorokolat
CLEANTE- Dmitry Alexeenko
TARTUFFE- Oleg Voloshchenko
DORINE- Svetlana Komarova
MONSLEUR LOYAL- Alexander Tarkhanov
OFFICER-Yuri Decun
MARIANE- Alexandra Ivlyushkina
VALERE- Bogdan Didenko
FLIPOTE- Tatyana Belyanskaya
FLIPOTE- Tatyana Petrenko
In the mass scenes: Vyacheslav Adadurov, Maxim Ogir